Good Riddance: Conquering...

Good Riddance: Conquering the Grease Trap Stink


Good Riddance: Conquering the Grease Trap Stink
Summary: If you have a food service premises which has a grease trap, you know what we are talking about! And with summer on its way, we have the perfect solution for you. Click to read more.

Nilozyme Trap & Drain Treatment 
Also available in 936mL, 3.78L, and 18.9L containers

Nilozyme Trap & Drain Treatment reduces maintenance of grease traps, septic systems, and open clogged drains. Nilozyme has a multi-strain bacterial formulation that liquefies and digests complex proteins, cellulose, and starch; thus, getting rid of the putrid smell. 

And as part of our crusade to help our customers with these problem areas, we have designed a "Set-and-Forget" dispensing system especially for grease traps. Which means:
  • A measured dose (no waste)
  • Dispensed in the early hours of the morning (when its not being used, for maximum efficacy)
  • You don't have to worry about it again as Pak-Rite will maintain it for you
  • There is no charge for installation of the dispenser
  • You could qualify for a FREE dispenser*
For more information, contact your Account Manager or call our office at (08) 8398 2872. Or simply contact us on how you could get the dispensing system.  

*Conditions apply

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