LIMITED OFFER- Urine Remover

LIMITED OFFER- Urine Remover


LIMITED OFFER- Urine Remover
Summary: LIMITED OFFER: Buy a 3.8L refill from Pak-Rite and get a FREE 946ml trigger. The NEW Clorox Urine Remover has a special pre-mixed formula targeted to remove hard-to-clean stains and odour on any surface.

Masking it won't solve it!

Made with a special formula, the innovative Clorox Urine Remover quickly removes stains and odour that urine leaves behind. Unlike other cleaners, it does not mask the smell of urine but completly removes the bacteria behind the foul odour without the use of bleach in its formula.

1. Versatile

Worry no-more about tough stains because this cleaner works effectively on all types of surfaces.

2. Time-saving

Results show faster that cleaning can be done less often than usual.

3. Easy-to-use

It's pre-mixed formula (without bleach) works effectively well in eliminating both stain and odour of urine.

4. Highly effective

It even works on all forms of human soils including vomit and faeces.


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